High River Handyman Serving High River, Okotoks Alberta and surrounding areas. Offering Residential home repair.

We are your Neighbour!

Renovations are exciting and sometimes costly.  You will have peace of mind knowing you can trust and rely on Highwood Handyman in High River to provide exceptional service and  honest quotes.
From Commercial Space, Kitchen Renovations, Bathroom upgrades, Basement Reno's, Flooring & more. Highwood Handyman is your #1 preffered choice serving High River, Okotoks and surrounding area!

Repairs can often come out of nowhere or could be an underlying issue that all of a sudden becomes a priority.

From Commercial repairs, Kitchen maintenance, Window & Door Repair, Rental property upkeep & More you will find a solution through Highwood Handyman in High River!

Customization is the leading trend for 2018 especially popular with new home owners & first-time buyers.
The ability to customize a space? That's awesome!

Picture your home with the Finishings and upgrades that you dream of. Most of which are completely possible. 
Have a project you need help with or a custom idea for your space? Your Highwood Handmyman in High River can help!

Your Local Highwood Handyman in High River

Skilled Craftmanship - Tasteful Design

You can count on Highwood Handyman serving High River and Okotoks Alberta, to serve you with the highest quality of Craftmanship along with your vision of a Tasteful Design. 

Experience in the business means custom work, style and design comes naturally. Keeping up with 2019 trends isn't hard. Ask how we can help.
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​As a Home owner,
You often come across Repairs, Maintenance and Renovations.
Choosing someone to help isn't always easy. 

Highwood Handyman in High River offers Quality Workmanship, Affordable Rates and Senior Discounts. As an expert in Home Repairs, Wood Working, Home Renovations and Updates, your local Highwood Handyman can provide you with a one stop shop.

You don't have to splurge, even though your friends might think you did!